“Our world needs ideas and action,
this book has plenty to inspire us.”

Dr. Jane Goodall DBE Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Our new world – Die Neue Welt –  is a call to action tracing people and places that are already courageously creating a new world and finding many innovative answers. Whether it is Saba who gives voice to women asking questions they have not dared to ask before in her home country, Pakistan, or Peter who empowers youth across Africa through his tech social enterprise. While Scilla is nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, creating dialogue between nuclear weapon policies. All businesses and narratives – large or small – tackle the big questions of our era: the climate emergency, future of work, social inequality and technology.

Sharing the actions of inspirational people from all walks of life; Florian showcases how everyone can concretely shape the new world around us and encourages us to get involved. 


“Für Menschen, die auf ihr Herz und ihre Leidenschaft hören. Sich mit anderen zusammentun, um ihre gemeinsamen Visionen von einer Neuen Welt über den gesamten Globus hinweg zu realisieren.”

– Florian Hoffmann


Author, social innovator and founder, The DO

Florian is a social innovator, entrepreneur and founder of The DO. He strongly believes that forming a new economy which is sustainable, equitable, and innovative is good for our society, as well as for businesses. Together with his passion to champion new forms of learning, we can create new ways to thrive.

Throughout the past years, Florian has worked with numerous of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from over 100 countries across the world, impacting millions of people. As a thought leader on green economy, social innovation, purpose, and the future of work, he has written several publications, giving speeches, and his work is mentioned across various well-known articles, such as as the ZEIT, the times, and Wall Street Journal. 

In 2014, Florian founded the DO together with his wife, Katherin Kirschenmann. The goal is to empower people to take action and create positive impact in their companies, communities and the wider world. The DO collaborates with start-ups, as well as with greater companies enabling a sustainable transformation. Partners, such as Siemens, Otto Group, Deutsche Bahn and H&M have been partners of The DO. Besides, The DO is home to a virtual community of top leaders, experts and innovators from around the world and operates globally with locations in Berlin, New York and Hong Kong.

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These organizations are already working on shaping a new world. If you don’t have your own initiative, or you are looking for an impactful collaboration partner, you might find some inspiration in our network here.


Pia Mancini

New York, United States

As the co-founder at Open Collective and Chair of DemocracyEarth Foundation, Pia is a democracy activist in her home country, Argentina but also encourages activism around the world. She is passionately engaged in developing global technologies for democracy. Driven by the deep belief that we need a profound change in our political and economic systems as we move towards digitized generations. Despite her work, Pia is part of the Forum for Young Global Leaders and a YC Alumni.

Peter Ayeni

Lagos, Nigeria

Peter is an Entrepreneur and DOer as he uses technology innovation for social good. A lifelong learner, passionately helping the next generation to get started in tech and social entrepreneurship. While Peter is a Creative Director at IdeaHacks and Project lead at FuelMyHustle, he holds various Diplomas in Computing and IT accomplished in Singapore, at the SMC Switzerland, and the Kellogg Business School. His inspiring work gained great attention, as a winner of the Union Bank Centenary Innovation, as well as a Mandela Washington and The DO School Fellow.

Eric Levine

Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Eric is a social entrepreneur and is currently co-leading Count Us In, a radical collaboration to encourage a wide range of people to collectively tackle the climate crisis. While he worked with several clients in finance, education and is a former CEO of the Stars Foundation, Eric holds seats at USA Rx (healthcare) and the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation.

Niall Dunne

London, United Kingdom

In 2018 Niall joined Polymateria as a CEO, passionate about businesses aligning with an authentic purpose and contributing to sustainability in the long term. His goal is to tackle the global crisis of plastic waste and thus moving the company and science towards developing innovative solutions to solve global plastic pollution. Despite his work, Niall collaborated with the World Economic Forum YGL and the Global Agenda Councils on Sustainable Consumption.

Pia Heidenmark Cook

Stockholm, Sweden

Pia is Former Chief Sustainability Officer at the IKEA/Ingka Group. She was named one of the top 10 female leaders in sustainability by WBCSD in 2018, and top 5 influencers on the climate changer agenda by the Climate Group. As a purposeful leader, Pia emphasizes her care about the people and planet as a Keynote/TEDx speaker and Mentor. Purposeful leadership and sustainability are key to her in having a successful business performance. 

Helmy Abouleish

Cairo, Egypt

Helmy is the CEO of the SEKEM Initiative in Egypt which was founded by his father in 1977. The organization focuses on sustainable development whether it is ecological, economic, societal, or cultural. Before, he was passionately campaigning in international and national politics to advocate responsible competitiveness, social entrepreneurship, and approaching our great challenges of this century – global warming and food security.

Cheryl Dorsey

Washington, United States

Cheryl is a social entrepreneur and President of Echoing Green, a global organization that unleashes and grows future talents to solve the greatest problems in our world. Her bold idea is to increase access to health and improve healthy behavior through free and culturally appropriate health services. Before initiating this movement, Cheryl served two presidential administrations as a White House Fellow and Special Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Labor.

Mina Guli

Melbourne, Australia

With her strong commitment to making a difference in the world, Mina takes this mindset into founding the initiative Thirst – a non-profit on changing the way we think about water – that she is now the CEO of. To raise awareness of the global water crisis, Mina ran across 7 deserts on 7 continents in just 7 weeks in 2016. As a global leader, entrepreneur, and adventurer, she follows a 15-year long career in climate change while strongly committing to activism around the urgent climate and water crisis.

Sven Seidel

Mannheim, Germany

Sven is the CEO of the PHOENIX Group, the leading and integrating healthcare provider in Europe. Before, he was CEO of LIDL and was a member of the Executive Board of the Otto group.