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Our New World – Book’s Protagonists

Our reality is fragmented. We are in the midst of a multi-crisis; ranging from the pandemic, deglobalisation, war and energy insecurity to climate disasters, fires, droughts, inflation and supply chain disruptions. Now more than ever, we need implementers, DOers who lead collaboratively, and leaders who are able to bet on the future and build a new world.

Our New World by The DO Founder Florian Hoffmann captures stories of winning impact entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and changemakers taking bold steps to create opportunities for themselves and a future for us all. Stories we can all learn from. Our New World shares over 70 stories of hope and action. Read on to gain a sneak peek into just a few of the inspiring protagonists’ stories from Our New World.

Our New World Book Launch in Tuesday 12th of July. Book's protagonists stories and quotes.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Believing that empathy is the key to a “mighty heart,” three-time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy set up the London-based non-profit organization, Peace Direct. 

What does she have to say?

Scilla Elworthy quote as one of the book's protagonists.

Dr. Scilla’s wisdom, and 50 years of experience in conflict resolution and disarmament advice, leads us towards a more peaceful future. 

She wisely acknowledges several fundamental changes that people in the new world must reflect upon. Starting from carefully thinking inwardly about themselves to be able to act effectively in the outside world. 

Niall Dunne

As we strive to build a more sustainable future, the transition to a circular economy is obtaining noteworthy awareness. More and more industries are shifting their model of production and consumption to involve reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products.

From black limousines and champagne soirees, Niall Dunne walked out of his office as a successful senior executive to develop a business from scratch, entering start-up Polymateria in its testing phase. 

A wise man knows when it’s time to leave his comfort area regardless of money, status and power. So, Niall pressed the stop button to join Polymateria. He started to work on a solution to prevent environmental damage from plastics and microplastics. 

Niall Dunne quote as one of the book's protagonists.

Niall successfully arrived in the future working world. His madly daring experience to some, and foolish to others, provides significant messages regarding the freedom of embracing your own ideas instead of a comfy, luxurious office. To everyone seeking a new chance where they can autonomously and continually strive for new challenges that align with their own ideas, a new world is waiting for your contribution.

Seth Tabatznik

If there is anything the pandemic taught us, it is the importance of living a healthy life and building compassionate relationships with one another. 

We’ve seen an increased interest in the bioeconomy, starting with biodiversity, followed by an interest in transitioning to an entire bioeconomy.

In isolation times, people grew vegetables on their balconies and in their gardens as a hobby, and as a result, got closer to nature.

For Seth Tabatznik his intolerance to many different kinds of food led him to paying extra attention to his nutrition.

Seth Tabatznik quote as one of the book's protagonists.

Seth is focused on keeping his way of life as healthy as possible. With 42 Acres and Be The Earth Foundation, he is building a community of people who enjoy eating well and living local. 

Seth isn’t working to turn back the clock on agricultural development but rather shifting the viewpoint on what works best and how much we can improve our quality of life by adjusting our habits.

Michael Norton

A role model for how people in the new world think about money, Michael Norton is an impactful philanthropist, perfectly blending the goal of making good money with meaningful impact. 

Ethical investing is gaining interest as more and more people desire to invest in alignment with their values. Michael Norton, an English gentleman of nearly 80 with a bright bow tie and novelty socks, offers to help! It’s utopic to think that a single man can end poverty worldwide, but he is doing something!

Michael works with local associations and youth organizations to create opportunities for children and their parents, giving young people the feeling that someone believes in them and the knowledge that they can learn and explore new skills. 

Michael is redefining the boundaries of earning and distributing money.

Michael Norton quote as one of the book's protagonists.

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In times of the pandemic, war, social injustice and nonstop news about a global environmental collapse, it can be hard to imagine that “A New World” helping to solve these challenges already exists. Making its courageous creators visible is the idea behind “Die Neue Welt”, Florian Hoffmann’s new book that has just opened into the digital space. With this online platform to showcase powerful stories of hope, it gives a stage to innovators who are already building a new world together, and there are many more following their example every day.