Our New World eBook Launch Event Recap

Our New World – eBook Launch

“To all of you who have not worked with us or are unfamiliar with us, we’re passionate about the idea that society and business leaders take responsibility and see the economic and innovation opportunities to drive positive change. We’re also thinking about young entrepreneurs. What they can do for their future and ours.” – Florian Hoffmann, author “Our New World”, Founder of The DO.

So, what’s Our New World book?

So, how can society face global challenges, from war and energy insecurity to climate disasters, fires, droughts, inflation, and supply chain disruptions? 

Thus, Our New World captures inspiring stories of people who have taken action and created opportunities for impactful efforts leading to more impactful efforts to build a more sustainable, innovative and equitable future. 

The international launch of Our New World eBook took place on July 12th at The Conduit Club in London. The DO Founders Florian Hoffmann, and Katherin Kirschenmann, in a live stream discussion with Scilla Elworthy, Tara Golshan, Ipsita Bhatia, Michael Norton, Niall Dunne, and Seth Tabatznik, shared their visions of a better future. Plus, about how they plan on becoming an integral part in shaping this new world together.

‘As companies become global players, they need to be curious about alternative views and be brave enough to bring them into their businesses. We need to create synergies with the diversity of minds and behavior.

-Niall Dunne-

“Sometimes, we should go for a walk and say hello to the trees on our doorstep. They know better than anyone else what it means to live locally. “

-Seth Tabatznik-

“This world of inequality is a world that is not going to solve its problems.”

-Michael Norton-

“It all starts with yourself. We’re all people and organizations as part of something bigger, part of our communities, part of clubs that we belong to, and so on. And what we really can do is START!”

-Ipsita Bhatia-

“I wrote ‘Our New World’ to celebrate people and places that are metaphors for what all of us can do.” 

-Florian Hoffmann-

We need collaborative leaders to help us navigate the chaos and build a better future indeed. 

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In times of the pandemic, war, social injustice and nonstop news about a global environmental collapse, it can be hard to imagine that “A New World” helping to solve these challenges already exists. Making its courageous creators visible is the idea behind “Die Neue Welt”, Florian Hoffmann’s new book that has just opened into the digital space. With this online platform to showcase powerful stories of hope, it gives a stage to innovators who are already building a new world together, and there are many more following their example every day.


Young people today have countless possibilities, but at the same time, they have the responsibility to shape the future. H&M’s Central Europe Lead of Change, Alexandra Grahe says this is the same responsibility global brands have, to contribute to social and environmental challenges. 24YOU brings these two paths together.